Max George is always getting into arguments with bandmate Jay McGuiness.

The Wanted singer admits he and Jay often have cross words with each as they're both perfectionists and want things done right.

He said: ''Jay winds me up because he will always win in a War Of Words and it makes me mad. I just chin him and that sorts it out - joke! We usually get into arguments about work things as we're perfectionists when it comes to videos and stuff. And we're both quite opinionated.''

Max also revealed how he finds ''unfortunate'' things happening to other people really funny and laughs at his other band bandmates - Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker and Siva Kaneswaren - falling over.

He told Top Of The Pops magazine: ''I couldn't stop laughing when I watched 'The Hangover' movie for the first time. It's a film about a stag party and it's definitely my kind of sense of humour. If one of the lads fell off stage on our tour, I'd absolutely love it.''