Movie-maker STEVEN SPIELBERG still suffers from 'stage fright' on movie sets, despite preparing to release his 22nd feature film.

The legendary director admits he feels physically ill whenever he gets behind the camera, and his decades of experience has failed to curb his career nausea.

In Monday's (06JUN05) interview on Australian TV show ENOUGH ROPE, Spielberg says, "A long time ago when I was in my 20s I would get sort of nauseous stage fright.

"Now I am just ill. Not physically ill, I am just ill. Every day I shoot a movie, every morning. But every time I begin a new scene I get that stage fright, that little bit of those opening night jitters, which I think is a very healthy thing, because it kind of pushes me.

"It kind of humbles me and makes me realise that I do not have all of the answers, and thank goodness I do not, because the whole process of movie making is a discovery process."

Spielberg's new film War of the Worlds hits cinema screens this month (JUN05).

08/06/2005 17:31