War of the Worlds star Dakota Fanning refuses to eat pork after starring in the classic children's tale CHARLOTTE'S WEB. The 12-year-old actress became attached to her cuddly co-stars while filming the movie in Australia and has now sworn off any pork products. She explains, "We had 50 pigs that we worked with of all different sizes. We had little babies and we would watch them grow up. "They were so cute. Before I started playing FERN in the movie I went down to where they kept all of the animals - the pigs and the sheep and kind of just practised holding them for the first time because I'd never really held a pig before. "You know bacon - I can't even do it anymore. It's so sad! I don't think I'm ever going to eat ham or bacon again. It's just not appealing. "All the pigs that we worked with, they have good homes in Australia that won't ever eat them. That was very important."