LATEST: Grammy award-winning singer Wanda Vaughn has returned to her home after being forced to evacuate by a massive mudslide last night (08FEB06).

THE EMOTIONS singer was temporarily trapped by the mudslide and her house was declared unsafe by authorities.

Vaughn's son came to his mother's rescue and pulled her out of the mud.

She says, "He was trying to figure how to pull me out. It's a miracle. I'm looking at it (the damage) now and I know God spared me."

Authorities have allowed the Grammy winner to return to her home, in spite of the extensive damage.

The mudslide was caused by a water main breaking at a nearby property owned by Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Vaughn was able to grab prized possessions before fleeing, including her Grammy and American Music Award.

Vaughn's daughter added, " "Maybe there's a song in all of this."