Comedienne Wanda Sykes is perfecting her basketball skills for a new movie.
The Curb Your Enthusiasm star is preparing for a new film set in New Orleans, Louisiana and she has to look like she knows how to dribble and shoot on camera.
She says, "I played back in junior high (school) and that was a long time ago... Now, I don't know how to play. It's like my bones and my muscles won't go that way anymore."
And Sykes hopes the filmmakers employ computer technology and body doubles to make her character look like she knows what she's doing on the court.
She adds, "They'll get some Cgi or some Wnba (Women's National Basketball Association) players to come in and make me look better - but I'm doing OK."
In the film, Sykes plays the leader of a parents' team who take on the high school kids to raise charity cash.