LATEST: Following the Monday (28JUL03) funeral of late Walter Matthau's widow CAROL, there are expected to be family disputes over the will.

The Matthaus had a complicated extended family including adult children who did not communicate with each other, as well as former spouses for both THE ODD COUPLE star Walter and Carol.

Californian lawyer NEAL PAPIANO, who prepared Carol's will, says, "If the will I drew is the only one extant, the possibility of setting aside its provisions is nil. However, you never know if a later will, unknown to me, exists somewhere.

"For that we must wait and see if anything turns up. I don't believe it's possible, but you never know."

The waiting offspring include Carol's son ARAM - by first husband WILLIAM SAROYAN, her son CHARLIE by Walter, and his children JENNY, and DAVID by first wife GRACE GERALDINE JOHNSON.

31/07/2003 17:18