To use Variety's term, the first week of Apple's iTunes movie business produced "boffo" results for the Walt Disney Co., the only studio that has a deal with the computer company. Disney CEO Robert Iger said Tuesday that the company sold about 125,000 movie downloads through the Apple online store, bringing it $1 million in revenue. During a conference call with analysts, Iger called the results "just the beginning" and predicted that the company would reap about $50 million in additional revenue from the online offerings during the first year "at no marketing expense to us and very limited additional expense at all." Only 75 Disney films are being offered for downloads. Iger also observed that "the deal with Apple is not exclusive under any circumstances ... and certainly [Apple Computer Chairman] Steve Jobs understands that as a major shareholder of Disney." He indicated that he would sign on with other websites provided that they are "user-friendly, well-marketed, well financed and ... well organized."