Walt Disney studios is to team up with a Bollywood film company to make an animated movie based on the Indian cult industry.

Disney is hoping the original animations, which will be filmed in Hindi, will be appealing not only to Indian audiences but to moviegoers around the world.

The movie, which has the working title ROADSIDE ROMEO, will tell the tale of a spoilt dog which is abandoned in The Streets of Mumbai and will feature the voices of SAIF ALI KHAN and KAREENA KAPOOR.

Bollywood lends itself well to the Disney movie model, with spontaneous songs, dancing and colour all vital to the theme of both.

Disney Studios chairman Dick Cook said: "Animation is a new and rapidly expanding area in India, and the collaboration will bring the very best in story-telling and cutting edge technology together."

The movie is scheduled for release next year.

Bollywood has enjoyed a surge in popularity in the UK, thanks in no small part to the Shettygate incident in the CELEBRITY Big Brother house, along with Bollywood superstar SHILPA SHETTY emerging as the winner of the series.

12/06/2007 16:44:37