Borrowing a page from the Walt Disney playbook, Warner Bros. announced Monday that it plans to remove all Harry Potter videodiscs from stores on December 29th and put the entire franchise on an undefined moratorium. The plan will even affect Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, which is not slated for release until November 11th. That gives Harry Potter fans only 48 days to buy a copy of the last movie in the franchise. The company did not indicate how long the films would remain unavailable. Disney releases its classic animated features every five to seven years. Speculation immediately arose that Warner Bros. may be planning to do what Disney did with The Lion King -- convert the movies to 3D, then release the 3D versions theatrically before rereleasing them on DVD and Blu-ray. Oddly, the studio said that it will allow digital downloads of the movie to continue, presumably concluding that if consumers are unable to buy them legally online, they download them from from pirate sites.