Wallace And Gromit star Peter Sallis has urged creator Nick Park to forget about Hollywood and go back to making short films about the animated duo. Park's deal with studio DreamWorks was recently axed after the disappointing performance of WALLACE AND GROMIT: THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT. But 86-year-old Sallis, who provides the voice for Wallace, insists Hollywood has weakened the franchise. He says, "When I was recording it, I actually thought I'd prefer to be recording a half-hour Wallace + Gromit for the BBC. I hope Nick Park is going to back to that. "I'm happy as long as Nick's happy but I just think The Were-Rabbit wasn't quite as good as, say THE WRONG TROUSERS. "I just didn't feel the same way when I came out of the cinema. Hitchcock said that in any kind of thriller, you need a good villain. Who could beat a penguin pretending to be a chicken with a rubber glove on its head? The baddie in The Were-Rabbit just wasn't as good. "The trouble is, when Hollywood gets involved, the writing gets all complicated. The Were-Rabbit took five years to produce and I think that could have been reduced by about two years to produce without that involvement. "I'm not sure if Nick Park will go back to half-hour animations for the BBC but I hope he will. Everyone wants to make money but it's not all about that for Nick at all."