British movie house Aardman Animations has made its first film using computer generated imagery (CGI), after years of working with plasticine models.

After scoring hits including Wallace And Gromit: THE CURSE OF THE WERE RABBIT and Chicken Run using an intricate technique of filming clay models - the company has bowed to modern trends and made its first picture using computer technology.

FLUSHED AWAY tells the story of rats living in the sewers of London.

Plasticine models were created, but then scanned in 3D - so the characters resemble Aardman's traditional plasticine look.

Aardman co-founder Peter Lord reveals he turned to computers after realising it is impossible to recreate real water with plasticine.

He says, "We're quite amazed at how it looks.

"Although we're attached to our traditional technique, and a lot of people were kind of wary, now we've seen it, most people are pretty convinced. You've got a different toolbox with an awful lot of possibilities."

Despite the innovation, the new technique won't save animators much time - both processes are so painstaking it still takes a day to create two seconds of film.