Walk To Remember hunk Shane West is infuriated by the way Ashton Kutcher keeps flaunting his private life in everyone's faces - insisting the actor needs to "calm down".

The lesser-known newcomer wishes Ashton would keep his love life with older lady Demi Moore quiet, and also thinks the JUST MARRIED star could do with being taken down a peg or two.

Shane snaps, "Ashton Kutcher could definitely spend some time in a deflation tank. His ego's just getting a bit inflated at the moment. He should try keeping (his love life) down low instead of throwing it in everyone's faces."

However, West was no match for Ashton who tried to catch his movie rival out on MTV stitch-up show PUNK'D.

Shane explains, "He tried. I'm not sure how much detail I should go into 'cause I signed a contract. They tried to set me up, but my manager found out about it and told me 'cause he didn't think I'd appreciate it.

"I know the show's highly rated and people seem to like it, but I've found it irritating at times. I think it's harsh and I think he's taking it too far when he's punking his own friends. That's kind of sad really, he needs to calm down a bit."

29/07/2003 21:16