Rap star Waka Flocka Flame is adamant his 2010 shooting has boosted his bank balance by making him more credible with hip-hop fans.

As his career began to take off three years ago, he was gunned down at a car wash in Atlanta, Georgia.

Flame, real name Juaquin Malphurs, subsequently claimed he had been targeted by a hitman hired by an enemy who wanted him dead.

Now the star insists the incident was a blessing in disguise as it increased his popularity and made him a wealthy man.

When asked how the shooting affected his life, he says, "It made me richer, sad to say. Made you popular, sad to say. It just made me as a man and as a person more wiser, clever, stronger, devious in situations. It just makes you a stone cold thinker. Honestly, it just really turned me up more."