Top choreographer Wade Robson has named 'N Sync as his most "challenging" dance students.

Robson, who now hosts his own dance show THE WADE ROBSON PROJECT, has choreographed for some of the pop world's biggest stars - including BRITNEY SPEARS, Usher, Mya, Pink and AEROSMITH - but found certain members of 'N Sync to be his most trying.

Australian-born Robson, 21, says, "At least I'm not trying to get hired by them anymore so I don't care. There might have been one or two within 'N Sync who were challenging - I didn't say bad!"

But while Robson experienced difficulty in polishing the JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE-fronted group's dance steps, he found Britney to be his best client.

06/10/2003 08:59