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I guess we are suppose to be stupid!! How much is AEG paying this fool to go after HIS FRIEND like this? He had repressed memories when he was 14, but he didn't have it when he was 22 and testified under oath about what a wonderful person MJ was to him and all that he learn from him. Well Wade your lawyer should tell you about PERJURY, because if you are changing your story that you told under oath means you lied on the stand. SO WHO NEXT?? Last week it was Mark Lester claiming to be the baby daddy of Prince and Paris. He's not going after the estate, he's going directly to the kid's inheritance! Dr. Klein also claimed to have given MJ his sperm with no strings attached(like who wants old sperm) and he tried to claim Prince. That fat worker in Klein's office claimed he was MJ's lover and changed his mind. I think AEG knows they may not win this case, so they are trying whatever it takes to mess with MJ's reputation by trying to portray him as this evil, drug addicted, pedophile, who attacked all children and he was so extremely smart that he brainwashed these children then threaten their very existence by telling a little kid that he would go to jail! ENOUGH OF THIS BS. The only thing all of this proves is Michael Jackson had no friends and how sad can that be. These people have shown us all that they used MJ's friendship and as soon as he can no longer defend himself against any allegations, they are coming out of the woodwork and will say anything for money! God don't like ugly, and you can bet all of this will come back to bite him in the a$$ and he will deserve every bite!

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Liar did he forget how he defended Michael for the past 20 years including after his death? look it up online his,his mother's and sisters testimonies/ MJEOL>COM type in or google them Trial Review: Chantal Robson Shatters Pros. Proclamations – MB#297 site2.mjeol.com/mjeol-bullet/trial-review-chantal-robson-shatters-pros-proclamations-mb297.htmlhttp://site2.mjeol.com/mjeol-bullet/trial-review-joy-robson-adds-detail-to-neverland-visits-mb296.html Trial Review: Joy Robson Adds Detail to Neverland Visits – MB#296 http://site2.mjeol.com/mjeol-bullet/trial-review-joy-robson-adds-detail-to-neverland-visits-mb296.html Here is the liars testimony Trial Review: Robson Testimony Begins to Crush 1108 Accusations– MB#295 http://site2.mjeol.com/mjeol-bullet/trial-review-robson-testimony-begins-to-crush-1108-accusations-mb295.html MESEREAU: Mr. Robson, did Michael Jackson ever molest you at any time? ROBSON: Absolutely not. MESEREAU: Mr. Robson, did Michael Jackson ever touch you in a sexual way? ROBSON: Never, no. MESEREAU: Mr. Robson, has Mr. Jackson ever inappropriately touched any part of your body at any time? ROBSON: No. (p 9097 lines 18-27) ZONEN: Was your sister there the entire time during that week as well? ROBSON: Yes. ZONEN: Was she in that bed with you as well? ROBSON: Yes. (p 9106 lines 17-21) ZONEN: Did you talk with your mother, prior to that first week that you slept with Mr. Jackson with your sister, about the sleeping arrangements at all? ROBSON: Well, yeah, the first day that we got there, to Neverland Ranch -- you know, I think we got there in about the afternoon. We hung out a bit. When it was time to go bed, I asked Michael if I could stay with him in his room. And then Michael and I went to -- mom was staying in a guest room. We went to her room and I asked her. Michael asked her if that was okay. And she said yes. (p 9108 lines 14-24) Robson testified that he asked Jackson if he could stay in his “bedroom” because “when you have a best friend or a new friend that you found, you always want to stay in the same room with them” (p 9109 lines 2-5). ZONEN: When Mr. Jackson stayed with you at your Hollywood apartment, how old were you? ROBSON: I would say 11 or 12. ZONEN: Did he share your bed with you at that time? ROBSON: Yes. ROBSON: All right. There was one bed that you had in your room; is that correct? ZONEN: No, it was actually -- it was a -- like a futon that was our couch down in the living room. (p 9144 lines 12-20) ZONEN: You’re telling us nothing happened; is that right? ROBSON: Yes. ZONEN: All right. What you’re really telling us is nothing happened while you were awake; isn’t that true? ROBSON: I’m telling you that nothing ever happened. ZONEN: Mr. Robson, when you were asleep, you wouldn’t have known what had happened, particularly at age seven, would you have? ROBSON: I would think something like that would wake me up. (p 9116 lines 16-27) ZONEN: Was there ever an occasion where you were on the dance floor with Mr. Jackson and he was showing you a routine and he grabbed your crotch in a manner similar to how he would grab his own crotch while doing those performances? ROBSON: No, that’s not true. ZONEN: You have no recollection of that? ROBSON: No. ZONEN: That didn’t happen? ROBSON: No. (p 9112 lines 20-28; p 9113 line 1) MESEREAU: Have you ever taken a shower with Mr. Jackson? ROBSON: No. … MESEREAU: Has anything inappropriate ever happened in any shower with you and Mr. Jackson? ROBSON: No. Never been in a shower with him. (p 9100 lines 17-19; p 9101 lines 10-12)

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