Country star Wade Hayes fears his cancer could return despite doctors declaring him tumour free - because the disease spread into his blood stream during his health battle.
The Old Enough to Know Better singer was diagnosed with colon cancer last year (11) and underwent surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee in an effort to beat the deadly disease.
Hayes told fans earlier this month (Mar12) he has been declared "tumour free" - and he's now revealed he faces a lifetime of keeping his health in check.
He tells Cmt Insider, "One of the biggest reasons why people should get tested is because it's one of the more treatable cancers. When I waited too long, it spread, and now I have to deal with (that for) the rest of my life. I have to keep an eye on it because once it's in your blood stream and its mobile, it can pop up anytime.
"When it's just your colon, there's a lot better chance that they will get it right then. There is a chance you won't have any more problems with it. You know, that is not my case."
The star hopes going public with his cancer battle will help inspire others in their fight against the disease.
He adds, "If I can help anybody out, if they hear what I'm saying, if I can offer hope to somebody that they can get through this and they can fight it, then I can help somebody. I can give them that little nudge they need to go get it checked out and catch it earlier than I did."