Country star Wade Hayes has been declared cancer-free.

The singer was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in late 2011, but after months of aggressive treatment he was given a clean bill of health by doctors at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center in Tennessee this week (begs26Nov12).

He tells Nashville radio station Wsm, "This past year has been a tough one. With the initial diagnosis, I was given between a 1-and-8 and 1-and-16 chance of making it through it. That was quite a blow. The folks at Vanderbilt have been incredible, (and) God in heaven... I give Him the thanks and the glory, because I shouldn't be here. I know it's a miracle. You are listening to a fella that is very thankful.

"Through that ordeal, at first, things didn't look so rosy for me, but I've gotten better and better every day. We were kind of afraid that I might be getting sick again. We went through a bunch of tests, and I got the news that I am completely healthy and cancer free. I can start my life as a normal person again. I'm so thankful to be here."