Vogue Williams tries to work out ''six days a week''.

The 30-year-old Irish model and television personality has admitted she works out almost every day of the week, although her fitness regime depends on how hungover she may be.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about her workout plan at the opening night of 'School of Rock - The Musical', which was held at the New London Theatre on Monday (14.11.16), the blonde-haired beauty said: ''I work out five to six times a week depending if I'm hungover or not. I always take a day off anyway, but I try to do it 6 days a week.

''You know what I've only done a casual jog and then I went to training last week so I do work out quite a bit. I went a bit wild this weekend so I'm going to be more vigilant this week.''

And the radio personality - who has her own show called Houseparty on Spin 1038 FM - has revealed she has a busy few months ahead, because she is set to release a new book about ''everything'' from health and fitness to fashion and beauty.

Speaking about her forthcoming projects, Vogue said: ''I have just started my new series, which is on Irish TV at the moment. The next episode is out on Tuesday, it's called 'Vogue Williams: On The Edge', so I'm concentrating on that.

''And then I've got my book that's coming out next year, I've got to finish my second draft and then some other exciting stuff.

''My book is going to be about fitness, health, beauty, everything, hair and make-up, like hacks.''

Although the star - who was crowned champion of the gruelling television series 'Bear Grylls: Mission Survive' in 2015 - is in the midst of finalising her book, she has admitted she wouldn't pen an autobiography because she doesn't think she has enough ''life experience''.

She explained: ''I don't think I have enough life experience just yet for an autobiography but I'm going to start writing a fictional book because I like writing.''