Vogue Williams says Spencer Matthews will be a ''hands-on dad''.

The couple - who tied the knot in June - are expecting their first child, a son, and the 32-year-old Irish presenter can't wait for her 29-year-old husband to meet their little boy because he's so ''good'' with children.

Asked what kind of father the former 'Made in Chelsea' star will be, Vogue told OK! magazine: ''He's going to be a hands-on dad. He's so excited.

''He just has a thing with children - they love him and he loves hanging around with them. He's going to be a really great dad.''

Vogue - who met Spencer when they competed against each other on the Channel 4 celebrity ski show 'The Jump' in 2017 - suffered with bad morning sickness in the early stages of her pregnancy and has to take a nap every day.

Vogue admitted she just wants their little one, who is due imminently, to arrive as soon as possible.

She said: ''I'm totally ready for it. Physically I'm feeling really good.

''I've been so lucky with my pregnancy. I had quite bad morning sickness and heartburn but, for the most part, I've been okay.

''I'm still able to work, but I have to nap every day.

''I'm so excited, I just want the birth to happen.''

Vogue has been criticised on social media for continuing with her fitness regime throughout her pregnancy and she wishes people would change their attitude towards exercising whilst carrying a child, because doctors generally advise that it's fine.

She said: ''Everybody's pregnancy is different, and pregnancy isn't a disability or an illness. Some people think that when women get pregnant they're incapable of doing what they did before - I think it's wrong to look at it like that.

''Of course, everything is more difficult - you're carrying a human being. But if my doctor said that's okay, then it's nobody else's business.''

The blonde beauty said that as soon as she gets the all-clear from her doctor to train again after she gives birth, she will be straight back at it as her exercise regime keeps her mental health in check.

She said: ''As soon as I get the okay from my doctor, because I don't just use the gym for my body, I also find it really good for my mind.

''I'll probably struggle not doing it for a couple of weeks, as I've not taken a few weeks off training since I was 16.''