Vogue Williams has hit back at critics who say she shouldn't be training whilst pregnant.

The 32-year-old model is expecting her first baby, a boy, with her husband Spencer Matthews, and has said that she's tired of people coming to her with their ''issues'' over pregnant women working out, as she says it's perfectly healthy and prepares her to be ''strong enough'' for the birth.

She said: ''A lot of people do have issues with pregnant women training. I'm not sure why, I get a lot of people commenting to just relax, or stop being so obsessed with my body. But I think if anything you need to be strong enough for the birth as well, so I'm building up to that.

''I had tonnes of people asking when they feel so guilty because they can't train, and I think the most important thing is to listen to your body.''

But that doesn't mean pregnancy work outs are free from stress, as Vogue notes she had to stop hitting the gym when she suffered with morning sickness, and could be in for an awkward situation when she gets nearer her due date.

Speaking to BUILD live in London on Wednesday (25.07.18), she said: ''I had to stop training until the morning sickness finished. One of my friends, her waters broke mid-squat. That could be me.''

Meanwhile, the beauty recently revealed that her pregnancy has been causing her anxiety, and said regular exercise has helped to alleviate the symptoms.

She said: ''I get quite bad anxiety and it's come back a bit while I've been pregnant. I don't know why I have it - it's just general life anxiety. If I knew what it was about, that would be the first step in getting rid of it. But exercise keeps that in check and makes you feel better about yourself. It's more under control now than it has been in the past.''