Vogue Williams suffers from such bad anxiety that she sometimes can't leave her house.

The 32-year-old model and DJ - who recently moved in with her reality TV star boyfriend Spencer Matthews, 28 - was diagnosed with the condition almost a decade ago but says it was at its worst during her split from Brian McFadden in 2015.

She told the Sunday Mirror: ''It is horrible. Sometimes I wouldn't want to go out. I keep myself to myself and I am not one for going out with huge groups of people any more.

''I have started wearing gum shields again because I grind my teeth really badly when I go to bed. It is really weird and hard to explain to people.

''I will get a racing heart and my whole body is tense. I will get knackered after a day if I have been anxious. I've had it since my early 20s.''

Speaking about dealing with the illness during her split from Brian, she said: ''I had it before but going through that made it so much worse. I had a really bad back for a while and had to go on medication, so that made it worse.

''That was when I was at my lowest. I was on a beta-blocker - it blocks the symptoms of anxiety. I wasn't sleeping... or I was getting an hour a night.''

Vogue also opened up about her relationship with Spencer, praising the star as her ''best friend''.

She said: ''We moved in together. He was away for five weeks for a show so I am glad he is back. He is my best pal. I remember thinking we would be best friends forever. It is the first relationship where I don't have fights with people. We have disagreements, but that's okay.''