The last unpublished novel written by Vladimir Nabokov is set to be destroyed, without scholars or members of the public getting a chance to read it.

The celebrated Russian writer left script instructions that the manuscript for THE ORIGINAL OF LAURA be destroyed on his death in 1977, but his wife VERA couldn't bring herself to carry out his wishes and left the decision to their son DMITRI when she died in 1991.

After Dmitri, 71, considered placing the manuscript in the trust of an establishment which would allow limited access for scholars, he wrote an email to New York Observer columnist RON ROSENBAUM telling of his plans to destroy the book before his own death.

Rosenbaum says, "If what he says in his email holds true, it's for the flames."

Little is known about The Original Of Laura beyond the family's revelation that it's "about a real Laura and a non-real Laura".