Flamboyant fashion designer Vivienne Westwood is leading a campaign to free a Native American jailed for the murder of two FBI agents nearly 30 years ago. Westwood chose a documentary on the plight of Leonard Peltier when asked to submit a film for a London society event and has helped add hundreds of names to a VIP petition on his behalf. She became convinced of Peltier's innocence after a Belgian wrote to her asking for help. She has since gathered signatures from designer pals, models Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, and a host of rockers, rappers and actors including Bono, Coolio and Jude Law. The petition urges George W Bush to look into flaws in Peltier's conviction. Westwood says of her campaign work, "I never used to go to parties because I was always too busy but I started to go so I could ask people to sign."