Dame Vivienne Westwood wants her own TV chat show.

The 70-year-old designer - who launched her 'Get A Life' Palladium Jewellery Collection on Friday (18.02.11) - is keen to get the public participation programme up and running as soon as possible because she thinks it's important to highlight issues such as the world's declining popularity.

She told vogue.com: "It would be called 'Get A Life' - and it's on two levels, get a life for future generations but also what are you doing right now with your own life? If we are an endangered species it is your duty to do something about it and get the most out of it.

"I'm still trying and I might get it on one day - but no one is terribly interested in this fact that we are an endangered species, it doesn't seem to matter, nobody cares. People don't know what they can do, and I am trying to find out what people really can do and what we can all do. I read an interview with James Lovelock whose prediction said that there will only be one billion people left at the end of the century which is so scary and no one is really doing anything about it."

As well as worrying about the global population, Vivienne is also concerned about the future of art, saying: "There is no progress in art, it is all those different points of view from the past. The point about art is to tell the truth and I don't think there are any artists today - none of them - they are all lying. No one is trying to be disciplined enough to see things how they really are, they are all self indulgent and boring."