Vivienne Westwood thinks Kate Moss has great style.

The eccentric British designer has praised the supermodel for her ability to ''really understand'' how clothes can flatter the body, and thinks her biggest asset as a model is her boundless energy.

Writing on her Active Resistance blog, Vivienne recounted an afternoon where she and her husband Andreas Kronthaler visited a Paris showroom with Kate and Jamie Hince.

She wrote: ''We go to the showroom and Kate tries things on. This girl really has got style. Such an intimate rapport between the clothes and her body, she really knows how to use it and she has so much energy. Talking. Never tired.

''It's good for Andreas and me to see how the clothes fit on a woman who really understands clothes - we will adjust, make one or two changes.''

The 71-year-old fashion legend explained that the group went on to see their friend Yasmine Eslami's new underwear line, where Kate immediately won everyone over in the room with her charm.

Vivienne said: ''Fashion people are there. Kate's so pleased to see them. All friends, throwing her arms around them... Andreas says to me, 'What a lovely little thing, so kind, running around'. ''

Kate's rockstar husband was in agreement and confessed he likes nothing more than watching his wife cavort around trying on clothes.

Vivienne added: ''Jamie says, 'My idea of the perfect strip show is women getting dressed'.''