Dame Vivienne Westwood is a ''hands-on'' designer, according to drag queen and model Lady Lloyd.

The British fashion maven is a force to be reckoned with behind-the-scenes and is constantly making last minute alterations to ensure her catwalk shows are as rock 'n' roll as possible.

Lady Lloyd, one of the stars of new reality show 'Drag Queens of London', exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''Vivienne's really hands-on. The make-up artist was making the models look too samey so she came backstage and was drawing on curly moustaches and putting lipstick on herself and kissing the models on the cheek.

''Technically she should be retired, but she's still got the passion to make it work. She does it all herself. She's always backstage tweaking things.''

The flamboyant star was memorably chosen to open a Westwood show wearing a pair of knickers emblazoned with the words ''Fair trial my a**e'' as part of a protest against unjust treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.

Lady Lloyd - who has also shot both womanswear and menswear campaigns for the eco-friendly designer - says the drag community is a big fan of the pioneering punk fashionista because she is a true champion of diversity.

She said: ''If you go to Dior, all the girls look exactly the same, you can't differentiate between them. That's why a lot of the drag queens where her clothes and respect Vivienne because she embraces diversity.

''Some other designers' models are all white, size 0 girls, and it doesn't make sense. I think punk is coming back around again. People like rock 'n' roll. The atmosphere's electric at a Westwood fashion show the because the models come down the runway smoking a fag or with a dog, looking a bit dishevelled.''

Above all, it seems the 73-year-old star is a lot of fun, with Lady Lloyd joking, ''She loves her red wine and a fag!''

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