Dame Vivienne Westwood is a believer in "quality rather than quantity" when it comes to clothes.

The legendary designer says it's important for people to understand how dangerous it is to the world's climate for lots of items of clothing to be thrown away so has urged consumers to be sensible when it comes to their purchases.

She revealed to Britain's Marie Claire magazine: "What I'm really saying is, buy less and choose well. I would like quality rather than quantity. I don't believe growth is OK if it means one man's advantage is another man's disadvantage. I try to concentrate on quality clothing and accessories that are worth having, and to get my people to take less trips by air and stay longer each time they travel. It's more human, especially if they take time to visit an art gallery while there."

Vivienne is also encouraging people to make their own clothes as the items will always be something that is unique to them.

She said: "I'm promoting the idea of 'do it yourself'. Make your own T-shirt by putting a picture in a plastic sleeve and pinning it on. Whatever!"