Dame Vivienne Westwood and Bianca Jagger joined campaigners outside Britain's Houses of Parliament on Monday (26Jan15) to protest against a new fracking proposal.

Sir Mick Jagger's ex-wife and the fashion designer, both avid environmental campaigners, gathered with demonstrators in London at a rally against the controversial gas extraction method as Members of Parliament (Mps) voted on a fracking bill, which included the possibility of the practice taking place under residential homes.

Bianca Jagger told BBC Radio 5 Live ahead of the protest, "What I hope to achieve, and all the hundreds of people who are here, is to make some sense, or to make Mps who will be voting understand what is at stake here. This is our way of life, our environment, our water sources, the air, and as well, if they go ahead with this bill today, they will be putting at stake our fundamental human right and our democratic process because it will give the fracking industry the right to frack from under our homes without our permission.

"I don't think that's what we expect from our Government to be doing and I hope that many Mps that will be voting will remember that the majority of the people in this country are against fracking and would like them to at least call for a moratorium or a ban on fracking."

Protesters also handed politicians a petition signed by 300,000 campaigners who oppose the project.

In the ballot, politicians voted against a moratorium but agreed on a outright ban on the practice in national parks and sites of special interest.