Allison Williams has started experimenting with fashion.

The 'Girls' star claims her rise to fame on the popular TV series has allowed her to express herself via the medium of clothes since invitations to red carpet events have finally given her the opportunity to be more daring with her look, even though she wonders whether she can pull off the big trends.

She explained to T magazine: ''I have been collecting, just tearing things out of magazines for years and years and years. I always hoped I would be in a place I would learn how to do stuff like this by myself, or would be able to work with people who could do it.

''I started appreciating the way clothing can change the way someone looks and how it really broadcasts something about yourself. Once I started looking at that, I thought, 'Hmm, how could I wear this? How do I wear this make-up? Do I have the vibe of these women, could I pull it off?' ''

The budding fashionista - whose style is usually more in keeping with her prim on-screen character Marnie's - is hoping the upcoming Met Ball will help her make her mark and she is looking to Vivienne Westwood for inspiration for a head-to-toe punk look.

She said: ''I'm getting ready for the Met Ball. The theme is punk, so I've been doing a lot of research.

''I've been looking through Sex Pistols photography, pictures of Vivienne Westwood. I'm really excited to commit to that theme.''