Troubled screen siren Vivien Leigh was so open about her rampant affair with actor Peter Finch, she often approached them and asked which one wanted to have sex with her.

According to author TERRY COLEMAN's expose, Laurence Olivier, AUTHORISED BIOGRAPHY, Leigh's mental state was starting to unravel at the time she began openly romancing Finch in 1948.

And the GONE WITH THE WIND star shocked Olivier during a series of breakdowns, when she started inviting taxi drivers and strangers back home for sex sessions.

Actor and friend David Niven was heartbroken when he once discovered her drifting around her house naked, murmuring lines from her 1951 movie A Streetcar Named Desire.

Leigh and Olivier divorced in 1960, allowing him to marry Joan Plowright, who had been his lover for some time during his marriage to Leigh.