BOAT TRIP star Vivica A Fox is thrilled to be honoured at the SOUL TRAIN LADY OF SOUL AWARDS - because she was once a dancer on the SOUL TRAIN music show.

The sexy actress, who will hit screens alongside Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu and Daryl Hannah in action flick Kill Bill this October (03), has been chosen to receive the 2003 LENA HORNE AWARD for Outstanding Achievement on Saturday (23AUG03).

She says, "When I first came to California years ago, I lived in Orange County, and my friend and I used to drive up and do Soul Train on the weekends. I was a dancer on the show.

"I did the SCRABBLE board. I even hosted it once as a special guest host."

She adds, "I'm really just going to enjoy it. I've been waiting for the chance to get on stage and thank my mama."

19/08/2003 02:19