Sexy actress Vivica A Fox is revelling in her buff new physique and she's thanking director Quentin Tarantino for it.

The screen beauty, who celebrates her 40th birthday on 30 July (04), underwent months of intense training alongside Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu and DARYL Hannah for Tarantino's hit Kill Bill movies - and she's still reaping the benefits of her hard work.

She says, "I must thank Quentin Tarantino, even though he tortured me for five months, but he got me my body back.

"We worked out seven hours a day, five days a week. That's all we did was work out. I thought I was training for the Olympics. I just thank him and I've kept it up with a good diet and I do Tae Bo. I'm just happy."

16/07/2004 09:41