The Kill Bill star admits she didn't recognise the man criticising Muslims and Mexican immigrants when she first took time to check out Trump's message after he announced he was running for U.S. President last summer (Jun15).

Vivica was stunned to hear the man she had forged a great respect for talking about Mexican immigrants bringing murder and crime to the U.S. while calling for a ban on Muslims entering the country.

"I totally admired him... He was a complete gentleman (to me), so for me to see him behave the way that he has behaved... is disappointing," she told Access Hollywood Live.

"He insulted Spanish people and said all Mexicans are rapists and they're drug dealers, and I was like, 'Oh, you're going that route...!'"

And despite the fact she befriended Trump during her time on his Celebrity Apprentice show, she thinks it will be a travesty if the property tycoon takes over from Barack Obama as America's next leader.

"Barack Obama, for the last eight years, has been grace under fire," she added. "He is what you want in your leader... You don't want someone that if he goes internationally somewhere and then is gonna come back and insult the living daylights out of them.

"He's tapping into people's fear and division. He doesn't want to make America great again, as far as I'm concerned."

And Vivica reveals she'll be voting for Trump's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, adding, "If things continue the way that I believe they should, I will get to witness the first female president."