KILL BILL star Vivica A Fox is urging her ex-boyfriend 50 CENT to continue writing raps about their failed romance - because it's making more men interested in her.

Fox, 41, dated the IN DA CLUB rapper briefly in 2003, and once they broke up she was initially horrified to learn she'd been featured on his hip-hop tracks - until she started reaping the benefits.

She says, "To be honest, that (romance) is not a good memory. We dated briefly, and it was very intense for three months. It wasn't the best of public break-ups, and he's written songs about it.

"That's ghetto love - his way of dealing with the break-up, and evidently I must have been special or done something awfully right, because two years later, he's still writing and talking about me.

"We are from two different worlds, but he is very charming. He was a total sweetheart when we were together, and he snuck into my life like a gentleman. He left differently. It was very disappointing the way he handled the break-up.

"What he doesn't realise is the more he raps about me, the more he makes other men curious about me. Other guys are saying, 'What's so good about Vivica that he's still talking about her?'"