Broadway producer Vivek Tiwary landed his very own, custom tour of The Beatles's native Liverpool, England as he researched the life of Fab Four manager Brian Epstein for a planned biopic.

Tiwary has been working on a movie version of his The Fifth Beatle graphic novel for some time, and he previously flew over to the U.K. to learn more about what life was like for the stars in their famous hometown.

But instead of taking the typical Beatles history tour offered by local guides, he managed to score a personalised journey all about Epstein.

Tiwary tells, "In my early days of research I asked the Magic Mystery Tour Bus folks if they would design a Brian Epstein heavy tour for me and take me to places a lot of typical Beatles fans may not care about. So we went to the place where Brian Epstein was born and the house that he grew up in; his flat (apartment) on Faulkner Street that he kept and gave to John (Lennon) and (first wife) Cynthia. When John got Cynthia pregnant Brian said you have to marry her and your child needs to have a proper home. John couldn't afford that so Brian said, 'You can have my home,' and the first home that John, Cynthia and Julian lived in was Brian's flat and it still exists. They designed that tour for me and it was fun."

Tiwary's upcoming The Fifth Beatle film has already won the backing of surviving Fab Four member Sir Paul MCCartney, who personally gave his permission for the producer to use original Beatles tunes for the movie soundtrack.

Bring It On director Peyton Reed will take charge of the Epstein biopic. Casting details have yet to be announced, although production is expected to begin in 2014.

The music guru died from a drug overdose in 1967.