Actress Virginia Madsen felt obliged to take her mother with her to the GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS - because she'd been waiting for the chance to attend for 20 years.

Madsen, who was nominated for a Best Actress trophy for her efforts in SIDEWAYS, surprised fans when she took her EMMY-winning writer and producer mother ELAINE MADSEN to the star-studded event on 16 January (05).

But the screen star says she felt as if she had very little choice in the matter.

She says, "Mom has been waiting for a long time and she always kind of hints every year - 'cause my mom thinks every year I'm gonna be there.

"She always says, 'Did you see how that actor brought his mother? I just think that says so much about them as a person.' I'm like, 'Okay mom, whenever I go, you're going!'"

24/01/2005 02:55