Virginia Madsen has sworn herself off men, after a string of dating disasters.

The 42-year-old actress, ex-wife of actor Danny Huston, admits she's fed up with the false starts her romantic life has suffered recently - and she's even questioning the sexuality of one of herpast men.

She says "I'm not gonna date anymore, I swear to God! I went on a whole series of blind dates... It was all a disaster.

"One guy I went out with on several dates. One night he got kind of very jealous because people were recognising me and then never called again after that.

"And then another guy I went out with, we went on six dates and I really liked him. Really flirty, charming, smart - 'cause the smart thing is what really gets me - and he just never kissed me.

"I pulled out all the stops and I made this really romantic date - dressed the part, the whole thing... When we got back I gave him a long, sensuous hug and he (patted me on the shoulder). I got the pat! I usually have a pretty good gaydar."

22/01/2005 02:41