SIDEWAYS star Virginia Madsen was so desperate to kiss Harrison Ford in new movie FIREWALL she locked lips with the aging movie star on the first day of filming.

The actress was handpicked by Ford to play his wife in the thriller and wasted no time in letting him know how grateful she was - and just how much she liked the INDIANA JONES star.

She recalls, "I kind of snuck the kiss in there; he didn't know that I was gonna do it. It was my first day on the set. I thought I'd just go for it."

Director Richard Loncraine liked the impromptu kissing scene and decided to keep it in the movie, but neither he, nor Ford, would accommodate Madsen's wishes for more passion in the film.

She adds, "I demanded deeper kissing but they wouldn't go for that. I just thought we don't have an opportunity to embrace in this movie and I wanted to see a marriage. I didn't want to just be the screen wife in the background."