Acting comeback Queen Virginia Madsen has based her career resurgence on a quirky positive thinking game - the Law of Cupcakes. The actress' career was floundering until her critically acclaimed performance in 2004's SIDEWAYS, and is now starring in Jim Carrey film THE NUMBER 23 - and she owes it all to cupcakes. She explains, "I did this thing called the law of cupcakes. I decided I would only think of cupcakes and then I wrote the word 'cupcake'. "Lo and behold, they began to appear everywhere. I got out of a cab and there was a grand opening of a cupcake place. I turned on CNN and there was a story about how cupcakes are now all the rage. "I got a present from my agent when I started this film, a basket of cupcakes. "And then, best of all, the first day on set there was actually a crew guy walking round wearing a T-shirt with a cupcake on it."