The Help star Viola Davis was born on a slave plantation in South Carolina.

The actress has revealed she was welcomed into the world in her grandmother's house in St. Mathews, but she was later raised in Rhode Island.

She tells, "I was born on the Singleton Plantation in St. Mathews, South Carolina. Literally, when you drive up, you drive down the long pathway, you see the big house and then you drive further down and you see the one room church and then you drive further down and that's when you see the share croppers - (they) call it the slave quarters, but the share croppers would live there with the out house - and that's where I was born. My grandmother's house."

Davis insists she could not be prouder of her humble beginning after learning all about her ancestors' struggles in a horse groomer's memoir, written just before her father was born.

She explains, "I discovered a memoir from a slave - and I'm forgetting his name. John, I think was his first name. And he was on Singleton Plantation and I read most of it - I had to read it online, but I read most of it and it was stories about him growing up on Singleton Plantation and it was great! That's where I was born.

"It (memoir) was his kind of escape to freedom and how he was treated and how he was beaten... He was a groomer - he worked with horses. My father worked with horses and I started to make a connection. It was written in the 1800s. So, I learned a lot."