The Help star reveals she has always been obsessed with beauty products and she learned early on how to properly apply cosmetics to make the most of her features.

"I'm an expert at putting on false lashes," she told Redbook magazine. "And when I was at Juilliard, I took a make-up class on how to contour. When I make the effort to do it, I'm pretty good at it, but sometimes the only effort I can drum up is to make a cocktail."

The 50-year-old, who famously told TV host Ellen DeGeneres she uses Crisco vegetable shortening on her cracked heels, also swears by a strict skincare routine to maintain her looks, and that involves washing her face twice after a long day at work.

She continued, "I'm addicted to skin care. I can't even tell you how many products I own! I used to think there was no difference between day cream and night cream; now I use both, plus an eye cream.

"After I finish a day of filming, I clean my skin on set with a hot towel and L'Oreal Paris Eye Makeup Remover. Then when I get home, I wash my face again. I love Shea Moisture African Black Soap."

Despite her love of make-up, Viola isn't among the stars who feel the need to glam up to run errands or window shop.

"I remove all signs of work - no make-up, no wig and I do what people do every day," she explained of how she spends her downtime. "I love going to the grocery store, or to Target (U.S. retailer) or the mall. I'll just walk around, but I never shop. I can't spend $2,000 on a bag... That's like spending $25 on a chocolate bar."