Viola Davis says there was ''electricity'' between herself and Kerry Washington on the set of the 'Scandal/How to Get Away With Murder' crossover episode.

The 52-year-old actress and Kerry, 40, star opposite each other in the long-awaited episode, which sees their respective shows collide, and Viola has given fans an insight into what happened on the set.

She shared: ''I have to tell you, every time we touched on the show it was static electricity. Every single time it was black girl magic on steroids. I'm telling you!''

And although Viola has yet to see any footage of the episode, she's hopeful that their behind-the-scenes chemistry will come across on the screen.

The actress made the comments during her appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' on Thursday (25.01.18), when she revealed she'd brought her six-year-old daughter, Genesis, along to the studio for one very particular reason.

Viola explained: ''She comes to all the talk shows with me, and you are the gold standard.

''She goes to every talk show and tastes the food and says, 'Not as good as Jimmy Kimmel's.'''

But Viola - who adopted her daughter in October 2011 - revealed that she is encouraging Genesis to pursue a hobby that's not very ''politically correct''.

The Hollywood star admitted that her daughter is a huge karate enthusiast and she's happy to indulge her passion, because she wants her to ''learn how to kick somebody's ass''.

Viola explained: ''I love it. I could do the politically correct thing and say, 'She's in it for the mental discipline and it tires her out,' but I wanted her to learn how to kick somebody's ass.

''People don't tell girls that. I walk around with my pepper spray, my little pink thing to make it look cute. I was detained once at Heathrow Airport because of my little pepper spray.''