Vinny Guadagnino believes Pauly D will be an ''amazing dad''.

The 'Jersey Shore' star has lent his support to his friend after he recently discovered he had fathered a daughter, Amabella, five months ago following a fling in Las Vegas with Amanda Markert, and Vinny thinks the DJ will be very protective as his little girl gets older.

He said: ''Pauly is going to be an amazing dad. He's the hardest working guy I know. She'll definitely have his swag. Pauly will keep his kid looking fresh.

''He'll be protective of her. Pauly, he's cool, but he can fight. I'd tell those guys who try to date her to be very careful.''

And despite offering to look after Amabella for his friend, Vinny insists he has no plans to have children of his own yet, though he would love to start a family one day.

He told ''If he ever needs me to babysit, I'm here.

''I'm only 26. I'm not ready for kids yet.

''I come from a big family though, so down the road, I see myself having a family, but not right now.''