Vinnie Jones has been spotted with a second blonde beauty in Russia.

The 'X-Men' actor - who apologised to wife Tanya after he was seen kissing pop star Lama Safanova while working in the country - has now been seen arm-in-arm with former Miss Russia Alisa Krylova, and in a TV interview in Russia he admits flirting is like ''a hobby'' to him.

A TV report said: ''Having promised Alisa a role in his next movie, Vinnie spent all evening with her.''

According to The Sun newspaper, he is then seeing saying: ''When you get the chance to flirt with a beautiful blonde, it's like a hobby. In the new film we need a goddess - a Russian Angelina Jolie.''

It is not clear to which film he is referring to, or to when he was filmed with her.

Vinnie flew back to Russia from the UK yesterday (15.10.12) after his wife kicked him out of a hotel they were both staying in.

Commenting on the video of him kissing Lama, Vinnie said he believed he had been ''set up''.

He claimed: ''Her boyfriend was the interpreter so it's just a joke. I've seen the pictures I know what they look like. I met her for 15 minutes, just went for a drink at the party and that was it. She was there and my interpreter introduced me to her as his girlfriend. His name was Oliver.

''We got a lift back to the hotel because we were staying in the same hotel - that was the stitch-up. When we got to the hotel, the boyfriend was in the foyer.''