Vinnie Jones has opened a carpet shop.

The soccer star-turned-Hollywood actor is using his ''hardman'' image to sell ''tough'' but luxurious flooring to his celebrity friends and has a glittering client list that already includes the likes of Bradley Cooper, Robbie Williams, Jonathan Ross and Rolling Stone musician Ronnie Wood.

The star - who set up the company on an industrial estate in Hemel Hempstead, England, near to where he grew up in Watford - told The Sun newspaper: ''We have super tough carpets and that's where we will use my hardman image.

''I'm very proud of my roots and I want to show that. It's important to me to create jobs in the area. I want to give back to the community I came from.''

The former bricklayer set up his new business under the name Deacon Jones with his pal Tony Broadhead and professional carpet fitter Danny Deacon.

A website for the company describes the 51-year-old actor's role in the venture and reads: ''Best known for his football and film careers, Vinnie Jones started out as a bricklayer before being signed to play professionally for Wimbledon. He has also built his own homes, and has been refurbishing houses for over 20 years.

''Vinnie met Danny Deacon many years ago, and the two developed a strong friendship. When Danny decided to start a new business focusing on fine flooring, Vinnie saw the opportunity to get involved with a venture that offered a link to his roots.''

The 'Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' actor has also sold carpets to his football associates; Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho and ex-Arsenal star Ian Wright, along with cricket player Kevin Pietersen.

His pal Danny said he's a fair business partner and an inspiration to work with.

Speaking about how they came up with the idea for the business, he told newspaper Hemel Today: ''We were talking about life and he just said 'Let's go into business, 50-50.

''Vinnie's just as you'd expect, he's hard but fair, absolutely no-nonsense but very generous.''