Hollywood hardman Vinnie Jones is launching a sports campaign for kids in his native Britain in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour.
The Snatch star, who began his career playing professional soccer in England, is the spokesperson for Tackling It Together, a new project which encourages troubled youngsters aged 11 to 14 to turn their lives around with the sport.
And the actor fears he would have been led astray had he not experienced the positive influence sport had on his life.
He says, "I was 13 and the easy way to go was the wrong way. You get into bad company and instead of putting a football jersey on, you're wearing a hoodie. I was lucky enough to get back into football and stay out of enough trouble at the time.
"Even as a player when I let myself down, it was always the football that got me back on the right path... No matter what you've done in life, tomorrow is the chance for a fresh start."