The British hardman began filming scenes for the spy sequel in London on Monday (27Jun16) and kept fans updated throughout the day on Twitter.

The actor returned to the social networking site last week (ends26Jun16) but many users didn't believe it was him because his handle @vinniejones65 remains unverified, so he posted a video holding a newspaper inside his trailer to prove he's the real tweeter. He said, "I'm on the set of Kingsman. This is my trailer. I've just got to work."

He posted another video from his make-up chair, followed by a selfie with director Matthew Vaughn, who previously produced Vinnie's movies Snatch, Mean MAChine, and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. In the caption, he wrote, "Reunited with mathew vaughn (sic)."

Vinnie then shared a picture of him on an American diner-style set wearing a blue suit with United Jack slippers and added, "Flying the flag" before sharing a selfie with co-star Julianne Moore and writing, "And who is this im on set with on the kingsman (sic)?"

He later updated fans, "ITSJulianne moore we were on set filming the kingsman great being with mathew vaughn who gave me my 1st job LS2SB (sic)."

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper Vinnie was a big fan of the first movie and has a long relationship with Matthew so it didn't take much persuading for him to sign onto the project. They added, "He couldn't wait to get started."

Vinnie, whose character hasn't been revealed, joins a star-studded cast which also includes Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges. Actors Mark Strong and Taron Egerton return as their spy characters Merlin and Eggsy, who team up with American agency Statesman after their Kingsman headquarters in London are destroyed by a new villain.

It is rumoured Colin Firth will be back for the sequel too, although his character was seemingly killed off in the first movie.