Vinnie Jones has flown to Russia following allegations he cheated on his wife Tanya.

The 47-year-old actor - who has been with Tanya for 18 years - has been in Russia filming a documentary series titled 'Toughest Russia' where he is believed to have become intimate with pop star Lama Safanova, with the pair caught on video kissing at a wrap party.

Despite Vinnie's claims he has been ''set up'', Lama has claimed the pair have been together for a year and there is no ''scandal'' in their relationship.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''If you're waiting for me to betray my sweetheart or hurt him, it won't happen. There is no need to make a scandal of our relations.''

Vinnie - who lives in Los Angeles - has said he had only met her for 15 minutes prior to the kiss.

He said: ''Her boyfriend was the interpreter so it's just a joke. I've seen the pictures I know what they look like. I met her for 15 minutes, just went for a drink at the party and that was it. She was there and my interpreter introduced me to her as his girlfriend. His name was Oliver.

''We got a lift back to the hotel because we were staying in the same hotel - that was the stitch-up. When we got to the hotel, the boyfriend was in the foyer.''