SNATCH star Vinnie Jones has just moved into his freshly-built house in the English countryside, only to discover he's a new neighbour of the OSBOURNE family.

Former soccer star Jones recently had work completed on his Chesham, Buckinghamshire, mansion - and he's now learned he's living close to rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his family.

He says, "I just had a house built in England and the builders came round and after a couple of weeks they said, 'We've just done Ozzy's house."

And having the foul-mouthed family close by has already proved to be costly for Jones - even though they spend the majority of their time in their California home.

He adds, "I said (to the builders), 'Can we have this little five-barred gate?' They said, 'Well the Osbournes ain't got them - they've got these big metal ones.' I said, 'Well I'll have them then!'"

04/02/2004 21:19