Movie tough guy Vinnie Jones saw his life flash before his eyes when he thought a wild bear was charging towards him during a fishing trip in remote Canada.
The British outdoorsman loves nothing better than to take off to the most remote regions of his adopted America when he isn't on a film set - but one recent trip made him realise that getting away from everything has its hazards.
He tells WENN, "I adore Alaska, where you're fishing next to bears. You spend most of the time fishing and you're creeping along looking for stuff, signs - you see heaps of bear s**t and there's one still steaming and you can't see the bear, and that sort of gives you the willies (is frightening). But that's my kick.
"I was up near the logging trails up in Vancouver a year ago and I was in the middle of the river. One mate was nearly a quarter of a mile down the river. So I'm tying this fly and I hear this thing come crashing through the trees right in front of me.
"I couldn't do anything, so I went into a ball. I thought, 'If he's coming over, this is it!' All I had was a big knife. My heart was beating out of my chest. I thought it was a bear, but it was a deer.
"I just squatted in the middle of the river and the deer just swam across the river. I got the camera and I got pictures of that. Thankfully it wasn't a bear! I lived to tell the story."
Jones is planning another big adventure in Alaska at the end of August (08).